It has been a while since I have posted anything here.  I have been pretty busy with work… so much for being semi-retired.

I cannot complain though, the money is good and so is working in the outdoors.  Definitely a nice change from being stuck in a pokey little office with people who don’t appreciate you.

Even though I only want two or three days a week work lately I have been getting 5 or 6 days…  it does take its toll though, unfortunately, my pain levels creep up and I find it increasingly difficult to get to sleep at night; not good when you have to get up around 5am but somehow I manage to struggle on.

Hmmm, pain….. I am off to the doctors in the morning, finally.  I need to have my situation reviewed as well as having a blood test for alphavirus.   Since my interstate visit last year to an area that was inundated with water and as a result mosquitoes, I have have had full body joint and muscle pain as well as a large number of headaches.  I need to find out what is causing these symptoms, at least if the tests are negative I will be able to discount another possibility.  Considering that there has been a larger than normal rate of infection of Ross River Virus in Victoria it is a posibility (Reference:

Oh, and I must apologies for my webserver, for some (still unknown) reason it has nee playing up recently.  I changed from Apache to Nginx a few months back to minimise resource usage on the server.  Unfortunately this is my first experience with Nginx and I guess I still have some tweaking to do with  it is running WordPress.  Some changes have been made again this afternoon, hopefully they will prove to be beneficial.


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