My plans were to at least try and post here once a week, if not a little more often.  Like all good intentions things don’t always work out the way you want.

I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find out what is causing this pain throughout my body, initial blood tests came back all clear, good I guess.  Speaking with a friend last week she pointed out that it began soon after I returned from interstate; where I was had a bit of a mosquito plague occurring and I have decided to go back to my GP and ask them to test me for Ross River virus and any of its nasty little cousins.  The symptoms I have, apart from the pain present a good case that it maybe some sort of alphavirus I am suffering from.

I have finally got around to doing a little more work on this blog site tonight, now if you want to be kept up to date when I add new posts you can subscribe and (hopefully) the website will send you an email notifying you of my new post(s).  This is in addition to being able to use any one of a number of social networks to log in and leave comments on my posts.

Apart from that I have been trying to keep myself busy, seems to be working overall, and gives me less time to feel down and takes my mind off the pain.

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