What I’d give to be pain free.  I’d give my pain, that is for sure.

I have suffered chronic pain since the early 1990’s, not all that long after I joined the ‘real world’.  being a kid at school was so easy, no responsibilities beyond making sure you had your homework ready to hand in on time, that your school uniform was clean and in a good state of repair, and that you had completed any chores to avoid the wrath of your parents.  The read world changed all of this.  There was further education, bills, adult relationships, alcohol, illicit substances, and of course that one thing most adolescent boys hang out for, their first car.

I still remember mine, my life savings went into that beast, which really wasn’t much back then.  I spent any time and money I could in the few years after I bought it doing what I could to make it awesome; engine rebuild, suspension, brakes, all that good “go and stop” stuff.  The morning my first car nearly too my life, well, I nearly too my life in my first car, the only things left to do on her were a new paint job and new rims.  Not anymore, not after that morning, it would never be driven on the road again.

As for me, I guess I was a little more fortunate.  With the assistance of some poor man who was freaking out, I walked away from the wreck.  His disbelief at my lack of visible injuries was as strong as my disbelief I was still alive when I turned back and looked at my pride and joy, on its roof.

I was taken to the local hospital, and over the next week or so had several appointments with various people in the medical profession.  No bones broken, physically apart from a few bruises and scratches the only thing that I had sustained was damage to the muscles in my neck.  Was difficult to hold my head up, cervical collar for a couple of months from then on it was.

The prognosis was good, I was young, fit, healthy and determined.  That morning had been a changing point in my life, well to some extent anyway.

I was told that even though I would fully recover, that the injuries may come back to haunt me in future years…… and guess what…….

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