Well here I am back again.  The past few days have been hell for me, pain throughout my body to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed and I struggle even lifting a glass to take a drink.

I am over GP’s, it seems that the only real function they serve these days is to push drugs from big pharma, they don’t care to treat the cause of your ailment, they just want to mask the symptoms…… very different to Dr Frankenfurter who wanted to remove the cause and leave the symptoms…..

I think I’ll be soon looking for a new GP.  I am tired of offering suggestions as to what may be causing my pain and getting a flat ‘No’ response.  Surely it would be better to investigate and diagnose, even if the treatment was to remain the same so at least I knew what was causing such a negative impact on my day to day life.

I don’t want to spend day after day laying in bed because of the pain, it does not help at all, I’d much prefer to be up and about and doing things to take my mind from it.

I quit my full time job over half a year ago now, and my mental outlook is definitely better.  Unfortunaely the pain I have suffered for many years has increased, and especially a couple of months ago when I feel I may have contracted an alphavirus.

Unfortunately even trying to get a referral for a blood test to see if this is the case is more difficult than performing dental work on a wild boar.

The NSAIDs that I am on now seem to be doing very little, and over-the-counter pain relief doesn’t even take off the edge.  They won’t prescribe me anything stronger or even try anything different, I am beginning to understand why people take pain relief into their own hands.

Anyway Twitter…. I have used twitter for some time through my ‘personal’ account, usually to keep up to date with in-season happening for my beloved Aussie Rules Football.  During the off-season the account hibernates.  I did not wish to use that account as I want to maintain some level of anonymity so @WithStruggleIn was born.

Unfortunately @StruggleWithin was already taken and @MyStruggleWithin was a character too long, oh well, @withStruggleIn will do!  it will give my followers another method to contact me and stay up to date, as well as allow me to easily share Tweets that are related to mental health, pain management and the like.

Best I be getting something to eat.  Couldn’t sleep last night due to pain and as a result my head didn’t hit the pillow until 6am.  it maybe 4:30pm now, but considering I have only been awake a few hours I figure it is time for lunch.  Now the big question, what to eat……

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