Christmas… that time of year which used to be reserved for late December, but now seems to start around Halloween.

I really don’t care for Christmas;  I am not Christian, or of any faith for that matter, I do not believe in god, Jesus may have been a real man but I honestly doubt he was born of a virgin nor do I believe he had magical powers that could cure the ill, turn water into wine, etc, etc, etc.

So, remove the religious aspect from Christmas and what are you left with?  Well, more and more in modern times it seems, and that is commerciality.  Let’s face it, To most of the population that celebrates Christmas, is really is nothing more than a time that you spend money you don’t have (credit cards) on people you don’t really care for.

While I do like my gadgets I am by no means materialistic.  I’d happily live in the bush in a shack and entertain myself as I would live in the ‘burbs and have every useless item you can buy that you never use.  I have items I have received as presents over the years that are still in their original packaging.  Items that I will never use and I would not inflict on others, items that will either end up being donated to an op-shop or discarded in the trash.

For me, the only thing that is good is that a lot of people who I grew up with that have since moved away considerable distances often return to our town.  Even though I may only catch up with many of them once or twice a year it is not through lack of want but through lack of time, finances and logistics.  It has been a tradition in our two for well over 25 years that many of us all head out to a particular local watering hole for Christmas Eve drinks.  Not to celebrate the birth of some bloke 2000 odd years ago but to catch up with each other.

Christmas Ass Kiss

I would be happy if Christmas was to disappear.  It has no significance to me at all and I find it a total waste of time, energy and money.

Even Muslims and Jews have been lured into the materialist abyss that is Christmas.

It is that one time of year when we are all supposed to be warm and fuzzy with each other and promote peace on Earth and goodwill to all.  For me these are things we should be doing daily, not on one day of the year.



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